Reviews from our costumers


"Best instructors, great experiance, top"

FB review, 13.05.2018; by Luka Kopinič


"Amazing staff! & great experience! Highly recomended!"

FB review, 14.07.2017; By Janja Štrkalj


"Very friendly and good organized Team! We had great time and we return as soon as possible! Caro, Edmund and Milan"

FB review, 17.07.2017; By Edmund Piskernik


"Amazing experiance, awesome instructors and lots of fun. Many Thanks!

FB review, 07.07.2017; By Aleksandra Melanšek


"Thank you Oskar for very Nice first experiance! 12 points from Belgium to sLOVEnia!"

FB review, 14.08.2015; by Alexandra Chernysheva


"Great dive with great Divemaster. Our experience diving with Oskar was great. We did at Easter just one dive to the reef and we really enjoy our time under the water. Oskar is very professional as well as friendly and he is always for a dive, even when the water is really cold. I recommend diving with Divestrong :-) As well the parking is free. They provide you with a free ticket for the whole day of you needed."

Trip Advisor review, 23.04.2017, by Flaviusky


"Excellent dive center and istructors! I was there with my boyfriend and we took OWD course for the weekend. We were extremelly pleased with the service they provided. It was a great coincidence that there were two instructors from Italy and UK who were doing there final practice so three instructors took care of us and we had some lessons of Italian and English too;) overall it was a great fun and we are definitely taking one step further the AOWD course"

Trip Advisor review, 16.05.2016; by Žana Vrhovnik

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